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So you might be thinking, why?  What’s the point:


Email marketing is permission based marketing

It’s DIRECT ACCESS to your target audience!

Your TARGET AUDIENCE is checking their inbox (up to 44% of Canadians and Americans are checking their inbox up to 3x’s per day! That’s nearly half of the population!)

Email Marketing enables you to stay ‘top of mind’
Some say, “But I have a huge following on social media, why isn’t that enough?”

Email Marketing provides almost instant connection and interaction with YOUR target audience

THAT interaction is happening at THEIR comfort and convenience which encourages them to connect!

The various social media platforms are ever changing.  Always be send them back to YOUR site, to YOUR list, where YOU have complete control of the process.

YOU own your list! That means YOU control it (unlike with the ever changing algorithms of the social media platforms, you don’t know who’s seeing what you post)

How Is Your List Working For You?

Don’t have a list? Or maybe you have an account set up, but you don’t know what to say or what to do next? Feel overwhelmed just thinking about it all?
Let us take if off your hands today!



Knowledge and experience in these online Marketing Platforms






1 Shopping Cart

MailChimp users send 1 Billion emails per day.

Infusionsoft has a 34% click to open rate.

1 Shopping Cart has more than 3 Million customers.

Look No Further. Get Started Today.


Social Media Management

Packages & Rates

Basic / Starter: $135

Includes: following up to 3 pages, responding up to 5x’s to audience engagement/participation, posting 1 branded post per week, and 1 curated content per week

Mid level: $270

Includes following up to 8 pages, responding up to 12x’s to audience engagement/participation, positing 2 branded posts per week, and 2 curated content per week)

Full: $720

Includes: following up to 25 pages, full response to audience engagement/participation, positing 1 branded post per day, and 4 curated posts per day)

More Services

Packages & Rates

Email Marketing

(Mailchimp or other)

Let’s get you set up!: 
set up acct info, incl. branding and connecting to social media accts, design email template: $135
“Hey, I’m new to this!” 
(includes basic as well as 1 hr of marketing strategy)$225
“Hey, I’m new to this” plus 
adding one email per month $315
Let’s do this right!: 
(above plus curating content and 1 email per week designed and scheduled) $405

1 Shopping Cart:

. Let’s Get You Set Up:   set up acct info and branding, up to 5 products and 2 auto responders $260 additional products and autoresponders at additional cost


Let’s Get You Set Up: 

set up of acct info and branding and connecting to social media accounts and 1 template $300/month
Add on: 
1 email per month: $150
Add on: 
4 weekly emails: $600

Power Point Presentations:
Starter package: 12 slides $225
starting at $90 for up to 5 questions, additional questions at additional charge.

Social Media Analysis: $45/hr (to be deducted off 1st months social media management for either mid level or full monthly package)

Kathrine Baer, Owner

I have been a virtual assistant since I completed the Virtual Assistant Certificate program through Red Deer College (Alberta, Canada), in June 2013.

Further Training To-Date:
VA Classroom University, Email Marketing and Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant Programs 2017
Super VA School – Infusionsoft 2016
The Techie Mentor (.com) – 1 Shopping Cart 2014

Email and online marketing are my passion and I am continuously training and upgrading my skills for the benefit of my clients.

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