Social Media Analysis: $45/hr (to be deducted off 1st months social media management for either mid level or full monthly package)

Email Marketing: (Mail Chimp or other program)

Let’s get you set up!: 
set up acct info, incl. branding and connecting to social media accts, design email template: $135
“Hey, I’m new to this!” 
(includes basic as well as 1 hr of marketing strategy)$225
“Hey, I’m new to this” plus 
adding one email per month $315
Let’s do this right!: 
(above plus curating content and 1 email per week designed and scheduled) $405

1 Shopping Cart:
Let’s Get You Set Up:  
set up acct info and branding, up to 5 products and 2 auto responders $260
additional products and autoresponders at additional cost

Let’s Get You Set Up: 
set up of acct info and branding and connecting to social media accounts and 1 template $300/month
Add on: 
1 email per month: $150
Add on: 
4 weekly emails: $600

Power Point Presentations:
Starter package: 12 slides $225
starting at $90 for up to 5 questions, additional questions at additional charge.